Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sales Manager Is Your Title Not Your Job Description

Writen by Mick Bradley

Sales manager is your JOB TITLE. It isn't your JOB DESCRIPTION. Effective management requires both great leadership skills and sales ability. Both require different strengths. The top salesperson talents that earned you the promotion don't always translate into being a great leader.

How did you get where you are today You demonstrated the ability to sell. You were effective. Most likely it wasn't because your company sent you to manager training school. They saw something in you that that showed leadership ability. You have a great track record. In your role the tough part is hiring and training your people to be effective Your sales team is your lifeblood. The results are direct reflection of you. You want people just like you. That's the toughest part of your job.

DON'T EXPECT EVERYONE TO HAVE YOUR WORK ETHIC All people are not created equally. Most don't have your talent and desire.

FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE Be upfront with your people. If you expect something make certain they know what it is. Put it in writing. Set expectations and then let them know how they are doing.

BE OBSERVANT Diagnose before you try to cure. Take time to see what is working and what is not before you decide to make changes.

BE FRIENDLY, DON'T BECOME FRIENDS There is a reason the military doesn't let officers fraternize with enlisted personnel. When its time to make a decision someone has to be the leader.

DELEGATE TO THE RIGHT PLAYERS You have lots of talented people around you. No one of us can do it all. Learn to utilize their abilities in helping you build a frame of great teamwork.

SELF IMPROVEMENT for YOU and YOUR PEOPLE Offer more than you expect. Lead by example so your people will see what it takes to grow and develop in their career. Do not stop learning; being a manager is not the exercise of some dormant ability. Self improvement is a continual process.

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