Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finding The Perfect Sales Rep

Writen by Shari Cabra

Finding the perfect sales rep makes all the difference when you're building a successful business. If you have a company that produces a small line of products or just one original product, chances are you need a sales representative, also know as a sales rep.

When searching for that perfect sales rep look for theses qualities:

1. One who is willing to be a road rep rather than just a showroom rep. Road reps are more effective for companies since they are willing to go out and pound the payment, visit stores and show and talk up your products. They will also attend trade shows in other states for you.

2. A sales rep who truly believes in your products and is enthusiastic about selling them. You want someone who creates excitement that motivates customers to purchase your products when they talk about them.

3. One who will provide good customer service for your business. He or she is willing to makes follow up calls, get promotional materials in the hands of customers, and one who is available to check on the status of orders. Having this kind of rep is especially important if you're trying to expand your business. If potential customers don't receive follow up calls and do not have brochures then they can't place orders.

4. A sales rep who dresses and conducts themselves in a professional manner. One who is friendly and personable, this makes potential customers comfortable and willing to try your products.

5. One who is good at communicating what customer are asking for, as well as the reactions and comments he or she receives about your products. This will help you develop similar products and modify existing ones.

Keep these qualities in mind when you start looking for your perfect sales rep. Soon you'll have a good working relationship which will help promote and sell your products.

Shari Cabra is owner of Created by Shari, a line of custom jewelry she designs and fashions herself from vintage silverware patterns. Cabra's collection varies from ornate Victorian pieces to the more sleek and simple contemporary designs. Her line is represented by Debra Steiner of Beyond the Expected Marketing. Find out more about the Created by Shari line by visiting or call Debra Steiner at 913-963-1733 for a catalogue.

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