Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prospecting The Importance Of Repetition 2

Writen by Bill Truax

When we describe our BLITZ CALL® prospecting system one of the phrases we use is that it is repeatable. We feel that any system for prospecting that you use should be something that is repeatable.

Sales professionals always ask me why? In this age of creativity and spontaneity, wouldn't any system that is repetitious become boring or monotonous?

Not really.

•First of all, we sales people are not really very creative.

•Secondly, spontaneity is fun for parties and social atherings, but it seldom benefits sales situations.

•Thirdly, the value of doing something over and over begins to show value very quickly.

When we teach prospecting we literally have the participants learn a 5-7 sentence Script! They practice it over and over so it is memorized.

We feel there are a lot of benefits to doing this.

•As a sales professional you are fully prepared to make a prospecting call at any time without having to prepare, therefore, you will prospect more often.

•Also, when you have a memorized presentation, you don't have to think about what you are going to say next, therefore, you can pay attention to what the prospect is saying and doing.

•With a memorized presentation you will customize each one by the inflection, pause, and speed of delivery you use, so it will never seem monotone.

Think of the alternatives. If you don't prepare your prospecting wording before making the calls what can happen.

•You may not prospect at all, in which case you won't have to worry about being monotone or boring. You will need to prepare your resume', however.

•Or you will create your words extemporaneously. I have worked with literally hundreds of sales people in the field, none were good extemporaneous prospectors, despite what they claimed. At least most admitted it after a few attempts.

One of the biggest errors I see when a sales person prospects "unprepared" is they introduce themselves and then ask a question such as, "how are you?" This is nearly always death on a prospecting call. Think about it. You are unexpected and interrupting the prospect's day. When you ask that question, what are you doing? Giving the prospect the opportunity to simply say, "I am really busy." Good bye!

We like to go right into and out of our BLITZ CALL before allowing the prospect to say anything. It only takes me 35 seconds to say. I have done this in virtually every major city in North America in a wide variety of industries to all sized companies, so I know that it works.

One thing that many of our graduates tell us is that the 3rd sentence (" I know you weren't expecting me so I won't take any of your time...") seems to relax the prospect and eliminate the defenses.

This makes the entire process more comfortable for both you and the prospect.

When you have a prospecting method that is well prepared and rehearsed you will begin to do it very very well. And, ironically, the better you get, the less you will have to do it, since you will become more successful with every new call.

Remember, if anyone says that they will not do "canned presentations" remind them that we in the US spent $20 Billion on canned presentations last year. We call them TV and Movies. We see actors saying words they didn't write, playing roles that aren't their lives.

If we can be entertained like that, why shouldn't we try to bring our skills up to that level? After all, we write the words and it really is our life.

So as you prepare to make prospecting an even more important part of your sales duties, remember the importance of repetition.

Sell Well and Often

Bill Truax

© Copyright 2006 WJ Truax

Bill Truax is a Sales Management and Field Operations Consultant living in Cleveland, Oh. He conducts Sales Team Assessments, Management and Leadership programs, and works with Field Sales Professionals and Managers both in the field and in workshops. He has written 3 books and recorded 2 CD's on Prospecting and Making Cold Calls and conducts a variety of skill based seminars, workshops, and train the trainer programs. Bill has spent literally thousands of hours in the field making cold calls with sales professionals to teach his BLITZ CALL System. When Bill is in the field he actually makes many of the BLITZ CALLs himself, regardless of the industry. This is to demonstrate that anyone can prospect you just need to know how. Bill writes a Free weekly Prospecting Succes Tip for subscribers at his website The site also details all the materials and programs Trufield offers.

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