Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beat Your Competition Just Being The Same

Writen by Valerian Dinca

I think I have your agreement to say that two people aren't exactly the same. More or less, they must look differently, think differently, love different things and so on. Following this way of thinking, it's simply not possible for two business to be the same. They will serve different clients' needs as a result of different owners' experience, approach and skills. Each business will have its own task to focus a particular group of customers in a particular way.

Because one business will be a better fit than another, the best fit will produce the perfect relation owner-product-customer. By consequence a businessman will be more successful than another.

It's also every businessman's desire to beat his competition. Everyone is looking to charge less for a similar product/service or to offer more for a similar price. Everyone is looking to be the best just being different. But why not beat your competition looking to be the same? Why not achieving success doing what successful people do?

Start with the following questions:

1. What is the product or service you're in competition with?

2. What special services can they provide that you cannot?

3. What audience are they targeting in their advertising and marketing?

4. What media are your successful competitors using?

5. How aggressive your competitors are?

6. How they collect fees? Checks or Credit Cards? Online and Offline Solutions?

For some of these questions it may be difficult for you to find an answer, but if you can answer the questions I have put above, it will come more easily for you to accomplish the business success.

The more data you compile and apply to questions, the better. You will create quite a frame within your industry and you will get a greater area of knowledge than other businesses providing similar services.

And once you do this... apply the information you've gathered and reformat your business. Reformat the appearance of your sales letters and websites, reformat your target audience and the way of promotion.

Your efforts for being open to the competition will spread very quickly. Your prospects will feel that you understand them. They will feel much more inclined to trust you and believe what you tell them.

You will see soon your labor resulting in increased sales, profits and positive reputation.
You may beat your competition just being the same.

Valerian Dinca is the owner of the newest online business tutorial. Everything you need when you need it.

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