Saturday, September 20, 2008

Prm 101 The Basics Of Partner Relationship Management

Writen by Kausik Dutta

What is PRM?
PRM, or Partner Relationship Management, can be defined as a business strategy, internet system, or software program aimed at improving communications between businesses and their channel partners. It allows partners to access leads more efficiently, collaborate on deals, improve their ability to do business, and build solid partner relationships.

It allows companies to track indirect channel sales and gain more coverage or exposure without spending more money.

How Does PRM work?
PRM has complete channel visibility and allows companies to provide more information quickly and easily to business partners and collaborators. This means faster deployment, higher use by partners, customizable branding, ease-of-use, and real-time access to data.

Channel partners also have access to executive dashboards and myriad reports that are easy to use and customizable to their own preferences. Essentially, becoming a partner means you become an affiliate and create your own customized application based around your company. A good application will come complete with partner training, account management, and a host of other training materials.

Who does PRM benefit?
PRM benefits both the company and the affiliate, or channel partner. Channel partners receive high levels of training and the ability to manage all their direct and indirect sales channels, and the parent company gains more product or service sales. Additionally, most PRM applications offer tools to manage the relationship.

What are some PRM applications?
PRM applications are created around the same idea as a spreadsheet, where values can be filled in and tabulated to quantify, analyze, and interpret data. A PRM application can both collect and analyze information simultaneously.

What is an Online PRM system?
An online PRM strategy allows companies to manage and streamline administrative tasks by making real-time information available to all partners via the internet. This can include spreadsheets, schedules, and much more. Web-based PRM allows new information to be accessed immediately without any time lapse. It is different from a software-based PRM program in that it allows for live, as-it-happens updates; thus, information remains current.

How do PRM systems help businesses?
PRM systems help immensely in driving sales and increasing a company's exposure. It allows businesses to recruit large numbers of partners to essentially sell their product. Thus they gain a wider audience for their wares without spending more money. The partners get commissions off sales and reap the benefits of channel partnership. It also allows multiple businesses to work together without having to match up all their business and sales strategies. Many companies like the comfort and professional flexibility it offers.

When should a company use PRM?
A company should use PRM if they are large and have multiple channel partners. PRM isn't so great for little company unless they are specifically set up as an affiliate site whose sole interest lies in spending a little money to create a potentially larger investment. Generally speaking, any company that uses any kind of partnership to sell their product is an ideal prospect for partner relationship management. is the world's first on-demand application service and a giant in the field of CRM. With over 24,000 customers, over 500,000 subscribers, and a 97% customer satisfaction rate, continues to lead their field. To find out more about them, please visit

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