Saturday, September 13, 2008

Managing Sales At A Wholesale Diamond Retailer

Writen by Lance Winslow

Many people love to get a good deal and those who wish to buy diamonds are no different. In fact many Diamond Retailers, will put the words wholesale diamonds on their signs simply to attract those wishing to get a good deal. This of course does not guarantee that the diamonds are a super good deal at all, but it gets people in the door and perhaps they have some very good discounting there as well?

How do you manage a sales staff at such an establishment, after all most folks buying a diamond are doing so as sign of their commitment to a relationship or to show their love for another. The sales teams should establish that each piece says something different and also makes a statement and keep the buyer understanding the social implications of what each particular purchase will mean to them, their friends and the future of the relationship.

Managing Sales at a Wholesale Diamond Retailer is not easy however, because it is hard to tell if the sales people are truly making it happen or blowing the sales by saying the wrong things. You also cannot sit their and listen as the conversations are usually personal and it will spoil the mood of the moment that the sales person needs to close that sale.

However it behooves the sales manager to make sure that the sales are going along as planned and therefore needs to be cognizant of how emotions play a big part on whether the sales goals for the month are made. Consider this in 2006.

By Lance Winslow

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