Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5 Bad And Lousy Words You Should Never Say In Your Sales Letter

Writen by Izrul Fizal

Do you know exactly why people don't seem excited to buy your product? Have you ever wonder why your competitors make more sales even though they have a terrible product to offer? Even worse, why people could not even be bothered to live their email address in your opt-in form and subscribe to your free newsletter?

You may wonder people just don't feel interested to buy your product or maybe your price is too high. Or you have finally realized that your product is a pile of junk and decided to find another product to sell.

You have got to stop whatever you're doing and think for a moment. It is not your product to be blame. Sometimes your own sales letter which is the one that kill your business. You have written some words that people don't even want to hear and scare the hell out of them. Studied has shown using these words will decrease your sales up to 75%.

So, what are exactly the bad words you should never say in your newsletter?

1) Buy – This specifically asking people to take out their wallet and spend some money. Bare in mind, most people surf the Internet searching certain information for free and sometimes they need more time before considering buying your product. Whatever business you're doing, using this word alone can destroy your business in split second. Instead of using the word 'buy', change it to 'claim' or 'invest'. Ask yourself, which one sound better, "Buy this amazing product" or "Claim this amazing product."

2) Learn – This will remind people back in the old days where they have to study and learn in 1st or 2nd Grade. Nobody wants to squeeze their brain out and learn something new on the Internet. Information on the Internet is just too huge. Nowadays, people want fast information and have no time to learn. Instead of using the word 'learn', it is better to use the word 'discover'. Now we are giving somewhere. Does this word sounds a lot better, "Discover 10 Easy Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing."

3) Tell – You don't have to use this word to explain the benefit of your product. People will not listen to you if they don't recognize you. Study this two words carefully, "Let me tell you the secrets of becoming a millionaire" or "Let me reveal to you the secrets of becoming a millionaire." Which one do you think that will make people keep on reading your newsletter?

4) Things – Using this word will not make your sales letter sound astonishing. It makes the sales letter very boring to read. This will make people lost their confidence in whatever you have offered to them. Instead of using the word 'things', consider to revise it to 'tips', 'tricks' or 'techniques'. "Get these 5 great techniques right away" is far better than "Get these 5 great things right away."

5) Stuff – This word is what most marketers used to describe how great the product is. If you change it to 'Insider Secrets', definitely this will give people an urge to act right away. Consider this two words, "Click here to download your 7 stuffs" or "Click here to download your 7 amazing insider secrets." Which one would you like to click?

If you can avoid this 5 bad words, your sales will definitely boost up to the roof. Don't neglect the power of these words. Now, it's time for you to check all your sales letter and change it (if any) right away. You will be surprise of the outcome.

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