Friday, October 3, 2008

No Web Site No Voice Mail No Problem

Writen by Dr. Gary S. Goodman

Writing for CBSMARKETWATCH.COM recently, Peter Brimelow profiled an investment newsletter's founder, and the author noted these quirky bits:

"Growth Stock Outlook is almost unique among investment letters in not having a Web site. On calling Allmon to thank him, I discovered that he has ordered his Maryland head office voice mail disconnected on the grounds that too many people were leaving messages."

I share this excerpt with you because I get a Luddite's delight from people and organizations that decide to unplug in various ways.

Mr. Allmon's company has no web site. This is nothing short of amazing, if you think about it. Nearly every other investment letter and financial publishing company believes having a substantial web presence is a must.

So, how can this gent possibly get away from joining his web-happy peers?

I infer that he made a decision that he is in the UNIQUE INFORMATION business, and that seeming to be one of hundreds of investment letters, or one of millions of bloggers, who are giving away their wisdom for nothing, is not the way to maintain an aura of individuality, or to make a profit.

Why be in a place where everyone asserts he's a guru? Won't so many false messiahs confuse potential subscribers?

But the next point Brimelow reported is also a gem.

Mr. Allmon turned off the voice mail because TOO MANY PEOPLE WERE LEAVING MESSAGES!

I love it.

He must be thinking most of those messages are worthless, or if people have an urgent need to chat, they'll call back.

Perhaps it takes his staff too much time to wade through messages, many of which are actually revenue-negative; others are soliciting him, and he wants to avoid the implied obligation to phone them back, if he accepts their messages.

Maybe he wants to avoid offering free advice. Possibly he's hounded by tip-seekers that aren't willing to pay the price of a subscription.

This fellow is successful, so it makes you wonder if he's onto something that other companies might do well to emulate.

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