Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sales Managers Beware Of The Latest Generation Of Quack Sales Gurus

Writen by Dr. Gary S. Goodman

If I only had enough time or energy to dispel the latest and greatest myths to pop-up in the sales game!

I just happened upon another canard: If your prospect is well qualified, you can be an utter idiot at selling and still make a living.

I have a dog in my yard, a Bearded Collie to be exact, who gets very hungry and if I starve him long enough I think he'll eat shoe leather.

It's obvious that if someone has a strong enough or urgent enough need, he'll sell himself.

We call those prospects "walk-ins." They, effectively speaking, come to you.

If you're in a maturing or competitive business, there aren't that many "lay downs," to find.

Anyway, this bit of errant wisdom is just another addition to the burgeoning literature of QUACK SALES PRACTICES, or shall I say, malpractices. Espousers of this drivel should be sued for malpractice!

We can add to this list one of my distinguished professors, someone who is the most quoted sage in management literature, the late Peter F. Drucker. He proclaimed:

"If you do a good enough job of marketing, selling becomes unnecessary."

This is simply a more intelligent, but also wrong way of saying sell only to the qualified, to the ravenously hungry, to prospects that will close themselves.


Drucker got many things right, but this piece of bull was WAY off the mark.

Don't buy it!

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