Monday, January 12, 2009

Time Expectations

Writen by Kurt Mortensen

In our modern world, we are bound by time. This being the case, we have certain expectations about how long it will take us to accomplish our various tasks. Time often becomes distorted through our perceptions and expectations.

Why do some afternoons speed by faster than others? Why do we finish projects just one minute before the deadline?

Parkinson's Law states that work expands to fill the time available. So, if a project is given a three-month deadline, it will take the full three months to complete. If that very same project is given a six-month timeframe, it will still take the full six months to complete, even though it could easily be completed in three. It may sound strange, but this law holds weight because the time allotted for completion of a project sets our expectations. It is actually our expectations that influence how we will work on a project and, therefore, when it will be completed. Your time expectations going into a negotiation will determine how you negotiate. A word of advice: Don't show your cards. Never let the other party know how fast you need to seal the deal. The first person to speak numbers will lose. Allow your prospect to give their parameters for completing a task and if the proposal isn't satisfactory, re-negotiate.

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