Friday, November 7, 2008

How To Create A Vision For Sales Success

Writen by Steve Martinez

Imagine you're on a crowded company bus. It is a dark rainy night so you can't see outside. The bus is on a winding mountain pass. You notice the bus driver is not sure where they are going and both the headlights and wipers aren't working. As scary as this may sound, it is exactly how some sales people feel with directions from sales management.

If a company has a united vision for growth, everyone works better together. Unfortunately, many companies and organizations choose not to share a vision for growth. When this occurs, the sales team has no direction and must determine where and how they will find customers. If they don't know where they are going, any direction will do. Naturally, this makes reaching sales goals impossible. Having a clear vision for success is critical for sales management.

Turn the High Beams On Sales people are more likely to deliver the right type of customer when they know what management is looking for. Better yet, if the organization offers sales incentives and a clear profile for new accounts, the sales team becomes motivated. Sharing a clear vision is like having clear windows and turning the high beams on. Everyone knows what to look for and how to get where they are going.

Creating A Vision Is Easy - It Only Takes Two Steps. The first step is to imagine you are sitting behind the wheel this time. Because it is still dark, you turn on the high beams to light up the highway as far as you can see. You think about the entire journey. You list your goals and map out the entire route. You use a voice recorder to describe the sales route with clear details. Most importantly, you must take pictures along the way and draw your vision of the journey and destination.

The second step is a little different. You must sit in the back of the bus this time and take the journey as a quiet and restrained passenger. This time the drivers will only use your notes and drawings. Fortunately, you have an opportunity to share your vision of the journey and destination with the driver.

When you are finished with this exercise, you will have a clear vision of sales growth mapped out for your sales team. Giving them a copy of what you drew and tell them what to look for provides the direction they need. One of the advantages of doing this exercise is that now, if anyone joins your company, you can share the vision of where you are going and provide a map of how to get there. Good Selling.

Steve Martinez is a Sales Management Growth Strategist and Founder of Selling Magic. His organization teaches businesses how to automate and customizing CRM solutions with the best practices of sales management for increased profits.

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