Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marketing By Prospecting

Writen by Bill Truax

Marketing by Prospecting™ - a system of using marketing tools with prospecting skills.

It is a strategy designed primarily for the small to medium sized business that doesn't have a large marketing budget. Also, for divisions within large companies that simply don't get the big marketing dollars.

Marketing by Prospecting first involves preparing the variety of marketing tools we use to grow our business. Then, the means we use to get these marketing tools in front of our potential customers is Prospecting skills.

Because the lines between Marketing and Prospecting tend to blur quickly, why not just face facts - our Marketing work requires Prospecting skills -hence, Marketing by Prospecting.

By the way, the reverse also has implications here, Prospecting by Marketing©, but we will address that somewhat differently, more on that later.

As I have been writing for the last few weeks, our efforts for Prospecting in the Global Marketplace involve all the tools used in both our marketing and prospecting programs.

If you have a budget for running TV or mass media campaigns, this material is not for you.

By Marketing we are trying to get the world to know about the products and services we offer.

By Prospecting we are trying to reach the individuals in the world who can buy our products and services.

With small budgets, Marketing by Prospecting can be a very effective use of our marketing dollars.

The marketing materials tools that we create and use are usually – Flyers, Brochures, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Websites, and even PowerPoint presentations.

Two additional Marketing by Prospecting tools that you should consider areArticle writing and Public Speaking.

Writing articles and having them published is really easy these days with the internet. Write about the various ways your products and services are being utilized to the benefit of your customers.

There are dozens of web article submission services that will publish your articles and provide them to e-zines along with your contact information including your website.

This may be the perfect way to get published, but realize there are 1,000's of others doing this, so we aren't alone in this market. But it does get your name and information out there. I have had 15 articles published on 6 different submission sites in the last week and they are popping up all over the place.

I entered my name in Google, and found a lot of my articles listed. I don't have a feel yet for what this will generate business wise, but it is another marketing tool and it is absolutely FREE.

If you are able to get published in the "old style" standard media, newspapers and magazines I suggest you take advantage of them. I know these take time and effort, but pursue this route if you like.

The web submission can be done right now, so give both a shot.

Speaking to association meetings, trade show conferences, corporate meetings, and other events may not be for everybody, but it is a tool I personally really like.

You will need to prepare a speech, of course. Then your marketing materials will consist of a brief overview of the speech and short bio telling why you are the expert on this subject they should hear. Then you will need to use your Prospecting skills to get that one page document into the hands (or onto the computer screen) of the meeting planner, program chairman, or who ever books the speakers.

Start off with small local groups, maybe ones in which you may be a member.

So there you have it, the idea of Marketing by Prospecting. Hopefully it is something we can all use to grow our businesses using the tools of both skills. We will continue with this discussion in the coming weeks.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas so we can all share in this Brain Trust.

Sell Well and Often,

© Copyright 2006 WJ Truax
Blitz Call is a registered trademark of WJ Truax, Marketing by Prospecting and Prospecting by Marketing are trademarks of WJ Truax

About the Author:

Bill Truax

Bill Truax is a Sales Management and Field Operations Consultant living in Cleveland, Oh. He conducts Sales Team Assessments, Management and Leadership programs, and works with Field Sales Professionals and Managers both in the field and in workshops. He has written 3 books and recorded 2 CD's on Prospecting and Making Cold Calls and conducts a variety of skill based seminars, workshops, and train the trainer programs.

Bill has spent literally thousands of hours in the field making cold calls with sales professionals to teach his BLITZ CALL System. When Bill is in the field he actually makes many of the BLITZ CALLs himself, regardless of the industry. This is to demonstrate that anyone can prospect, you just need to know how.

Bill writes a Free weekly Prospecting Succes Tip for subscribers at his website The site also details all the materials and programs Trufield offers.

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