Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sales Management Can Save You From Losing Your Ceo Job

Writen by Lance Winslow

Sales management is a key to any company's success and the sooner you understand that the better. Most of my articles on sales have been from a specific perspective you see I am an entrepreneur and am now retired. I founded and ran a Franchising Company, which set up units in 450 cities, 150 major markets and 4 countries. Our sales teams were so important because they insured our franchisees were successful out of the gate.

Now then with that said from a corporate perspective you must understand that if sales are up then you can get buy with a few management mistakes and you are able to take a few more risks and get away with it. When sales are robust you are always looking up, when they are not the board is looking for someone else.

Look here is the deal if you have a company that's kicking butt in sales you can hide a lot of mismanagement and still come out looking like a rose. Wall Street and investors want increased same-store sales, quarterly profits, retained earnings and increase shareholders value; all of which are directly related to the sales of the company.

Any good CEO worth his salt will concentrate his efforts on making money, while simultaneously working his butt off to streamline the efficiencies of the company. But first things first and that means sales. If your sales management skills are lacking is the CEO you better get someone in there who can do the job or your butt will be looking for one and another company. Please consider this in 2006.

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