Friday, November 28, 2008

How To Keep Your Prospects On Track

Writen by Kurt Mortensen

Following are some simple guidelines to keep your speech and verbal packaging on the right track.

* Don't use jargon or technical language unless you are sure every member of your audience understands the meaning.

* Don't use profanity or slang. In general, using profanity damages your credibility.8 Be sensitive to whatever language your audience might find offensive, profanity or otherwise. Avoid name-calling and other forms of abusive language.

* Speak in everyday language. You want your audience to relate to you and to feel as comfortable with you as possible. Use language that will make you seem familiar and easy to follow.

* Keep your language simple and clear.

* Keep your sentences short. Use as few words as possible unless you are painting the picture--just one idea at a time.

* Use words that will engage the audience. Use "you," "we," "us," and even "I" if you are relating a personal experience.

* Don't use vague and abstract words. They muddle your meaning and confuse your listener.

* Don't talk down to your listener by using pompous and pretentious words. Be direct; don't bluff or beat around the bush.

* Use verb-driven language. By using verb-driven language, you will arouse a greater sense of action and motivation. Using these kinds of verbs will make your statement more convincing because your audience will engage their emotions, consciously and subconsciously. Verbs that are abstract or overused do not communicate excitement.

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