Monday, February 9, 2009

Building Your Sales Team For Greater Success

Writen by Daryl Des Marais

As a small business owner it may be hard to find and attract the right employees. Many variables may change, the labour market, the level of experience in the marketplace or finding the right specialty skills. So how can you have the right mix of people for greater success?

The answer is you need a defined plan of the position, skills and experience required. However it is not always that simple in finding the most successful employees that will propel your company further and achieve greater goals.

If it was that simply than everyone would be doing it.

The following are 3 important things that larger companies do when executing a strategic plan to find the right employees need to serve a certain marketplace.

1. You must define exactly what type of skills, experience and personality type you are looking for in each position.

Being a small business owner it may be hard to attract the appropriate employees due to wage concerns, labour market changes, taxes and various other expenses and variables. However, it is important to have a clear outline of what you ideal to minimum skills, personality traits and experience is that you will accept in a position. You can always train additional skills when you find the candidate that has an invested interest in your company.

2. Once you have a candidate that meets your requirements and future goals you need to have a specific outline in place for each position. An employee that understands roles and responsibilities more than just minimum standards is an employee that is willing to advance within the company and learn.

3. Once you have a defined an outlined plan you need to implement the plan, not only once a month, once a week, but always, everyday until the point that they know exactly what rewards they will achieve and what minimum results are needed. When employees feel that they can accomplish tasks on their own and take on additional responsibility on their own initiative it is of greater value.

Empowering employees can be rewarding but there also are many risks. Some employers may find it difficult to find this balance with changes in the labour force, competitors, or other day to day events in the business.

Over time in companies throughout history companies that have spent more time coaching their employees, empowering them and finding different way to reward them are usually more successful. Why?

We will explore this in a future article, 5 Reasons Why Employees Respond Well to Empowerment and Rewards.

Daryl Des Marais has worked in a management capacity in some of the fastest growing companies in North America and helped several business owners train employees and manager's to exceed expectations. He is a Growth Consultant with

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