Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Sales Team Must Leverage Your Brand To Sell More

Writen by Lance Winslow

If you are a sales manager then it behooves you to leverage your brand name to sell more and your sales team needs to understand this and use this to their advantage. This is where a good sales manager can really make the grade and increase the company's sales.

When a company has a strong brand the customers will already have considered doing business with your and wish to discuss what you can offer them. The door has already been opened due to hard work in marketing your brand. This gives your sales team a leg up on your competition, as it makes it easier to get a sales interview and even easier to close the sale once the terms and conditions have been ironed out.

Good sales manager always leverage the brand and your sales staff need to also realize that when they sell with your company you do not have to give away the store to compete with the competition on price on each and every sale. The prospects already if given the choice would go with your company over the other simply on strong reputation and brand. How do you know when your brand is that strong? Well simple really.

You as a sales manager will notice the number of incoming inquiries over the number of internal generated leads thru cold calling. This also means that the top sales professionals will wish to work for your company over the competition because they indeed realize that sales come faster and easier. This again is just one more way that a sales manager can leverage brand to build and maintain a kick ass top notched sales team. So, consider all this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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