Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is Your Company Quotsellingquot

Writen by James Little

Every single day, we are all in midst of a revolution that keep shaking the business foundation. No, it's not about the stock markets news, large scale corporate announcement that you are watching on television.

The revolution we are talking about is the very basic and the prime connections of business existence. It's what most people had forgotten; it is the Relationship between both external and internal "Supplier" and "Customers".

Business organizations who can really create new relationship with their customers will be realizing themselves with surpassed competitive advantage compare to others. This could also apply even the business is as small as a one man show business.

Basic Purpose of Business

The very basic idea of a business and selling process is just same as to almost every party involved in it. Whether you are the big CEO, Department head, manager, down to the sales assistant, it's all boils down to one basic element – What we do primarily is "Selling".

Simple and straight forward, but yet most forgotten in our daily busy schedules and tasks – The purpose of business and its existence is to find and keep customers, and to get them continue doing business with you rather than with your competitors!

The Old Game

The old game scenario is very familiars to all of us; sale person out there at the field brings in the sales for the business. They try to sell as much as they could to those customers that always trying to avoid of being "Sold"! Hey, like everyone else, we do try to get the best possible price, and resist being taken for a ride right? Don't you forget that as you are a customer to other too!

This old and dying business activity could be pictured out as sales team out there battling against competition for market share, and customers "Mind" preferential share. It is, for all intentions and purposes, sell exactly like competitors.

In such selling game, as any sales person will tell you – There is never been enough! There is never enough time, customers, supports…etc. Yet, the same sales person will tells you that he or she is constantly being asked to produce more and more sales in the same world of never been "enough"!

In traditional organization, work is organized around management (mind yourself if you deny this). Work flows up towards the executive group. Employees work for the executive management group, not customers. The rewards and punishment system, reporting systems, re-enforcements and procedures….etc , not forgetting about pleasing, satisfying and taking care of the Boss.

Re-discover Business Purpose

To survive and thrive in this business revolution will need everyone in the organization to come together and re-discover to this basic purpose of a business. Mind you! This is the most critical part of everyone job way before you carry on with your regular tasks. This critical task and basic objective of business will makes the different between keeping the job or being let out of business!

This revolution will continue to change our business process, our role in it, and the competencies we need to equip ourselves with. It will overthrow all the beliefs that we have been holding strong to, it will also be shaking up the very nature as to why and what we work for?

Fight you way out

If your company is like most of others today, you have much greater competitions than ever before. The products and services you are offering right now are no different in the eye of you valuable customers. They are simply match point by point by your competitors, worst if it's of better offering!

The business task of finding and keeping its customers is like a high-risk game. If you lose out, the consequences of your customers going to competitors are much more critical now than any other time in recently business climate.

Business Function

CEO, Executives, Managers, ought to be realizing that their core job is not just to increase the shareholder's stock value, making all the fanciful of reports. The highest priority of their purpose is to sell, to find and keep customers. Selling is no longer simply a sales function within the company, it is, and will always be "The Function" of a company.

What actually caused this? The principal behind these selling and drowning are the increase competitions, customers with much wider choices of supply. Customers are getting smarter; and tougher with more choices of supply. You got to realize hard that customers of today context can truly buy better than most sales person could sell.

Customer Loyalty

You want loyalty in your customers? You must be dreaming daylight! This world today is the customer's own "Shopping Mall". There is no boundary in term of distance, language, connections. There are only "boundaries" of price, conveniences, a phone call away or internet…etc.

It is no longer the old game where customers buy what is being supplied to them. It is the new rule where you got to supply what customers want or else they will go to competitors.

The point is that you simply can't win in this new game; the traditional beliefs that you hold strong to it, the sales process, the selling tactic and strategy are simply no match of this new breed of customers in this rising competition and crowded marketplace. Selling and keeping (or trying to keep if you are) customers by the old way is dying fast. So, what's next then?

The New Game

There is this "New" game emerging. It is more on customer-focused! No, we are not talking about what you are thinking or having in mind. This new game requires the entire business organization to be involved, and truly be involved. It is a higher level game, with more risks but also more rewards.

Now, everyone who has a stake in the business process has to come into this. It is a kind of creating and sustaining a partnership within the entire organization. It would be a transformative process which would eventually change how we see each others and how we could truly work together in the entire selling process. For some, it's like experiencing the new birth of a new kind of relationship. This is like building a partnership among all involved.

New Breed

What does this means for us as sale person; and as selling organization? Fundamentally, it means all of our roles will change. These new relationships within the same business organization are part of the solution to combat the intense competition out there in marketplace.

This is the opportunity for us as the new breed of "Sales Person" to be the "Customer Workers" of today. To some, it could be an uncomfortable period. Even those who "think" they'd like to change are finding themselves having to change their strong beliefs, and change beyond their own paradigms. Yes, it will create an intense level of insecurity among some when the entire business culture changed. But can you afford not to change and risk being punch out of business?

Is your organization ready to realize the fact that nobody sells anything to anybody; People are now buying from everybody and how your business organization going to parent within itself to take up this challenge. This itself is a huge different.

Give it a deep thought, is your business truly selling to your customer? Or are your customers are buying from everyone, which might not include your business organization? That's the different.

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