Monday, August 4, 2008

Client Relationships Are Key To Your Business Success

Writen by Don Monteith


Did you read about it in the news? Big company 100 years old goes "belly-up" without warning. Was it a major Surprise? Probably not, but it made good media coverage. It happens all the time.

Was there a problem? Usually it's poor management of the "troops" and customer relations issues. Maybe not. Was it the pricing of merchandise? Doubtful. Mostly, it's a "people" thing.

Maybe more. Outdated locations? Poor inventory control? Bad management? All of the above? Who knows!

Regardless, the point is that every business, large or small, is challenged to survive and prosper in today's business climate. We've all witnessed the demise of BIG business as well as the "little" guy who runs out of operating funds.

It's a tough yet rewarding experience to be an entrepreneur for those who make it to some degree of success.

KEY TO SUCCESS - "people" skills...

Small business owners/entrepreneurs realize the importance of relationships with their clients/customers. You have to EXCEED customer expectations to be #1 in the marketplace.

Often overlooked are the associates WITHIN the company. Every SMART business owner treats his/her employees as the main LINK (connection) to his/her outside clientele. Very important!

Go home and "kick" the cat (just kidding!) but don't expect to get away with bad treatment in dealing with your employees. Good and faithful employees deserve first-rate (kinder and gentler) bosses.


Reach out to your prospects. Touch your customer. Communicate and stay connected. Fax it! Click E-mail! Use snail-mail. Fed-UPS and all the rest to stay visible to your marketplace.

Put yourself in the customer/clients shoes. What does he/she want from you? NOTHING! except…. what you can do for THEM. Most buyers have little or NO concern about YOUR income or future.

UNLESS they think you are making TOO much off their business.

You don't believe it? I didn't say they were heartless! Life simply does revolve around our own WIIFM (what's in it for ME!)


Lean on the other foot. Who do YOU buy from? Why? Your customer makes his/her decisions the same way. EMOTIONALLY!

You've got to EDUCATE the buyers. Don't assume they know as much as you do about your product. Every product has features BUT who cares when it's the BENEFIT that counts.

Remember the drill? It's the HOLE the makes the difference. None of us buy anything UNLESS we believe it will solve our problem. Will it make me richer? Healthier? Make for better relationships?


Think outside the box. Communicators are the winners. Those who can express clearly the benefits. Who listen carefully for the buying signals. Those who stay in FRONT of the buyers. In person, on the phone, through the PC and out the Fax.

Every "sharp" business executive, large or small firm, knows that "taking care of" the customer (inside and outside) is PRIORITY #1. Nothing is more important to our future success and business growth.

Lesson Learned: Success comes to those who understand the priorities. Those who treat staff kindly. Communicates the WIIFM. Servant/leader role fits a good executive. Get connected. Use every tool in your arsenal. Educate. Sell benefits.

Don Monteith spent 32 years as co-owner of several franchises and a personnel/staffing business. Every year, his firm placed hundreds of job candidates in their dream job. Today, Don shares his business and career expertise through his newest websites on the Internet. Lots of FREE ideas - suggestions - ready for your perusal and study.

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