Thursday, August 7, 2008

How To Develop A High Performance Sales Team

Writen by Alan Gray

The basic elements of sales have remained the same for decades, for example prospects still buy on emotion, they may use logic to back up or reinforce the decision they have made, but they always buy on emotion. Everything a human being is involved with including purchasing whether privately or in the course of their daily work life is based on emotions. How did it go last time I did this? How did they treat me? Will they support me if things go wrong? How can I make sure I do a good job and I am seen to do a good job?.

Alternatively the sales process, the elements of sales & marketing that are responsible for delivering orders to you, or prospects to your sales team has changed radically. How many customers could you reach 10 years ago? How was your marketing budget and focus different 10 years ago?. How much easier did the whole sales process seem 10 years ago?

The potential problem with current sales organisations is they are trying to work within a paradox. On the one hand working within inter personal issues face to face with a customer or prospect, that have not changed. Whilst on the other hand facing the dilemma of an ever changing route to the customer or prospect in the first place.

It is within this changing environment of customer or prospect capture and retention that many companies are failing to prosper. If you do not adapt to the changing methods of marketing and sales process you risk losing ground against your competitors. Your current sales position is a foundation based on history. Will you be in the same position in 5 years?

In this series of white papers we will look at different issues within the sales process, we will look at the old ways of cold calling and prospecting, the shift in power when a prospect comes to you, how to measure your marketing efficiency and get sales & marketing working together, how to utilise a customer relationship management system to increase efficiency for you plus many more.

These white papers are available free within the members area of the web site along with guest articles and other sales related information.

Intelligent Sales Solutions is a sales process and sales software integration consultant, dedicated to providing cutting edge sales tools to sales organisations.

Alan Gray Sales Consultant Intelligent Sales Solutions

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