Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sales Management For Bicycle Shops

Writen by Lance Winslow

Any owner of a bicycle sales shop will tell you that the number of customers who come into the store goes in spurts. Sometimes you may have very few customers in the store and other times you may have 10 or more customers barraging you lots of questions. Without an adequate salesforce be bicycle shop will lose sales and yet if you have too many salespeople on the floor then it looks intimidating for those people who are casually shopping for bicycles.

The casual shopper who is somewhat serious actually makes the best prospect and therefore those people need direct attention. Each member of the bicycle shop team should be very knowledgeable of each bicycle been sold and have it leased some sales training. When it gets really busy be bicycle mechanic in the back perhaps should come up front and start talking to potential customers.

Often there will be serious buyers and casual buyers asking questions about the same bicycle sometimes even three people. It makes sense to learn how to talk to people in groups and explain it to them all at once.

Managing the floor of a sales showroom in a bicycle shop can be handled with as few as three people, although sometimes during the weekends it pays to have an extra person on the floor so that no one walks out the door upset because their questions were not answered. Please consider this a 2006.

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