Friday, August 1, 2008

Never Hire A Quotmaybequot Salesperson

Writen by Andrew Rowe

Here's a key idea when you're hiring sales people. The title of this is called: If the Answer is Maybe, than It's No. How many times have you gone through the process of hiring a sales person and you just weren't sure? You've gone through several sets of interviews, you've brought your team together, you've asked all the right questions, you've gathered all of the sales history performance from their past. Maybe you've even taken them through a sales aptitude test or some sort of profile but there's still something about the candidate that just makes you uneasy. You've even maybe checked their references and of course, everybody's references check out perfectly, but for some reason, this candidate, they look like they have the all the right answers, they say all the right things, but is still doesn't quite feel right. Well, I'm here to tell you that the absolute rule of thumb when you're going through that process and you're about to hire a candidate, is say no.

If it doesn't feel right, if there's something that sets you off, that indicates to you that a candidate is less than perfect, that something doesn't quite line up, go with your gut, go with your intuition, understand that that's a much more powerful vehicle than all the data gathering, all the behavioral interviewing, all of the sales testing and profiling put together. Intuition is the most powerful thing that you have when it comes to choosing which are the good sales people to hire and which ones you need to pass on.

So next time you come right up against the edge and you're wondering whether or not you should hire a sales person, stall. Say no or go back to the drawing board and find new candidates. Once you bring some new candidates to the table, if the candidate that you passed on before seems enticing, bring them back into the mix against the other people that you're measuring in the next round and figure out whether or not what you saw the first time was right or not. But the key is, to remember if the answer is maybe, when it comes to hiring a sales person, than just say no.

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