Sunday, August 10, 2008

Its Not Too Early To Start Thinking About 2007

Writen by Tim Connor

Getting a fast start out of the box in January is one of the best ways to ensure a successful sales year. Many salespeople get lulled into the holiday spirit (and there is nothing wrong with that), but tend to get a slow beginning after January 1st.

Why not get an edge on your competitors this January? Get to those good clients first. Follow-up on late December calls, decisions or postponements early. Call several new prospects on the first business day.

Pour it on. Make the first day back after the holidays your most productive of the past previous several months. The quick start concept is a valid way to ensure a great month, as well as the beginning of your best year ever. It is called momentum. Don't wait. Do it now.

In order to accomplish this (a great January), you have to be prepared. You have to plan. You have to be ready. And when is the best time to get ready? You guessed it - the last 2 weeks of December. That's the time to have your January action plan in place. If you wait to do it the first day back, it is too late. You lose.

I have never understood why salespeople believe they have to wait a week or two to get back into gear. If you have had a great 1998, fantastic. Celebrate. Enjoy a few days of well-deserved rest, relaxation, fun, etc. But come back raring to go, and you will be amazed at the positive results you can achieve just by being ready and willing to GO FOR IT.

This is an ideal time to beat your competitor to the punch, but the window doesn't last too long. Around the 5-10th of the month, they are also getting into action. Why not steal some business from them while they are partying? Why not close that tough sale while they are napping from a day of football and 5000 calories? Believe me, you will be glad you did. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the quick start approach to your new selling year. You may even surprise yourself, as well as your boss. Wouldn't that be kicker?

Here is a simple formula to follow if you want to exceed last year's sales results: Self-evaluation + plus planning + plus preparation + plus extra effort + plus a winning attitude = equals SUCCESS.

Tim Connor, CSP is an internationally renowned sales, management and leadership speaker, trainer and best selling author. Since 1981 he has given over 3500 presentations in 21 countries on a variety of sales, management, leadership and relationship topics. He is the best selling author of over 60 books including; Soft Sell, That's Life, Peace Of Mind, 91 Challenges Managers Face Today and Your First Year In Sales. He can be reached at, 704-895-1230 or visit his website at

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